Questions? We have answers.

How long does the process take?

That depends on you! If you want to close in 3 days or 3 years, we will work to accommodate your needs.

How do you come up with a price for my house?

The value of your house is determined by a number of factors including, condition, cost of repairs, square footage, age, location, curb appeal, and demand for housing in your neighborhood. These factors, along with any number of other smaller factors, are considered when placing a value on a property. Each property is unique.

How will I receive my money?

You can choose either a cashier’s check or bank wire.

Who pays for the closing costs?

Typically we arrange and pay for all standard closing costs, title fees, and recording fees for all of the Arizona homes we buy.

Are there hidden fees when I sell to DJ2 Investments?

Absolutely not! DJ2 Investments will not charge you any fees. There are no commissions either. You will be responsible for any mortgages, liens or property taxes due on the property.

What does “Closing” mean?

The Closing occurs when the deed is recorded at the county recorder’s office. Once the deed has recorded the possession of the property transfers to the buyer and the money is released to the seller.

What if I choose not to work with DJ2 Investments?

Thanks for giving us a try! We provide customized solutions for most homeowners, but we aren’t for everyone. If, after meeting, we find that what we offer doesn’t fit your situation, or isn’t what you want, just let us know and we’ll shake hands and part as friends.

Will you purchase my Arizona home with tenants in it?

Yes. If you are a landlord, count on us to make the selling process fast and simple.

Can I sell my property from out of the State of Arizona

Yes. We will arrange for you to sign documents at the location of your choice, whether that is in Scottsdale, DJ2 Investments on either coast or anywhere in between.

What do past customers have to say about DJ2 Investments?

Thanks for asking! Please visit our testimonials page to read what customers who have sold us their home have had to say about us in the past and recently.

Who is DJ2 Investments?

We are a family owned business located in Scottsdale, Arizona that believes in buying homes in a way that mutually benefits the seller and DJ2 Investments.